New Work: Abstract Painting: Campbell, Danziger, von der Ahe, Almog, Andrews, Cirincione, Cooper, Davie, Ferraro, Ketter, Kim, Marcaccio, Moffett, Parazette, Reafsnyder, Rosmarin, Smith, Tinker, Wood


The second in a series of thematic exhibitions investigating the current state of a particular style or medium in contemporary art, this show brings together work by eighteen emerging and mid-career artists working with abstraction. Using an adventurous interpretation, this exhibition features work that has a distinct relationship to abstract painting, albeit with deviant and unexpected results.


From the smooth, precise and formal to the thickly-painted, loose and brushy, from the sculptural to the photographic, from computer-generated video projections to process pieces, from op art to na?ve minimalism, the works in this show represent some of the most intriguing variations on abstract painting being made today. The “splash” paintings of Byron Kim and Aaron Parazette take a post- postmodern spin on Jackson Pollock’s “action” paintings. Jess von der Ahe makes jewel-like, retro icons of blood and gold leaf. Jim Campbell and Possible Worlds: Janine Cirincione+Michael Ferraro create glowing projections of slowly shifting digital abstractions. Diana Cooper’s sculptural wall piece incorporates fuzzy pom poms, pipe cleaners, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum foil. Michael Reafsnyder’s goopy, goofy paintings are miniature parodies of Modernist abstraction.


Other artists in the exhibition include: Diti Almog, John Andrews, Reed Danziger, Karin Davie, Clay Ketter, Fabian Marcaccio, Donald Moffett, Susie Rosmarin, Joshua Smith, Jordan Tinker, and William Wood.