New Work: Contemporary Figuration: Campbell, Higgins, O'Reilly, Porter, Barnes, Chalmers, Dijkstra, Discenza, Dumas, Jaar, Linder, McCarthy, Neshat, Raff


The third in a series of thematic exhibitions investigating the current state of a particular style, subject, or medium in contemporary art, this show brings together work by a group of international, emerging and well-established artists who deal with the human figure. In pieces ranging from digital to traditional media, their approaches span the terrain between presence and absence, contemplate the pre- and post-human, and trace the dissolution of the figure into abstraction.


Artists in the exhibition include:


Richard Barnes, Jim Campbell, Catherine Chalmers, Rineke Dijkstra, Anthony Discenza, Marlene Dumas, Andrea Higgins, Alfredo Jaar, Robert Linder, Catherine McCarthy, Shirin Neshat, John O’Reilly, Liliana Porter, Orit Raff.