Jim Campbell: Digital Works


San Francisco-based, MIT-educated Jim Campbell is known for his “conceptually rigorous, poetically inventive and technically masterful” works in which digital information and video imagery are the media. In this exhibition of new technology-based work Campbell furthers his explorations of perception, time and memory. The pixel, representing the digitization of information, is the key to the exhibition. Individually and collectively pixels serve both to reveal and conceal information.


This exhibition will debut a new group of L.E.D. pieces called “Motion and Rest” with imagery based upon the movements of people with physical disabilities. Additional L.E.D. pieces in this show are related to the works that will open the same week at the Whitney Biennial Exhibition. related articles: Computer artist Campbell finds visual poetry in motion by David Bonetti San Francisco Chronicle March 16, 2002 Only Connect by Pamela Feinsilber San Francisco magazine March 2002.