TROY STORY: Campbell, Phungrasamee Fein, Maggi, Porter, Amado, Ambe, El Hanani, Griffin, McClure, Ruscha, Shin Sigurdardottir, Solomon, Sugimoto


In 1870, Heinrich Schlieman, an amateur archeologist from Germany, excavated a hill in present-day Turkey. In his search for the remains of the Troy described in Homer’s Iliad, he dug through layer after layer of ruined cities. Each city, built upon the remains of the last, obliterated those preceding it.


Troy Story is the information age equivalent of the archeological dig. We are buried, bit by bit, by information — images, words, codes, scientific theories and trends — from spoken, written, broadcast and internet sources. Every day, what we know is obscured by the persistent, settling sediment of what we learn.


Troy Story is about the quiet surface covering thousands of years of subtle accumulation. It is about invisible informational excess. It is consistently dripping water that erodes stone. Erasure through accumulation. Addition that subtracts. Knowledge that obliterates by rendering the learner numb.

Troy Story is about the impossibility of understanding.


Artists include Jesse Amado, Noriko Ambe, Jim Campbell, Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Ron Griffin, Jacob El Hanani, Marco Maggi, Stefana McClure, Liliana Porter, Ed Ruscha, Jean Shin, Katryn Sigurdardottir, Ken Solomon, and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Curated by EC Projects.