WALL DRAWING: Jim Campbell, Marco Maggi, Marietta Hoferer, Wendy Hough, Sol LeWitt, Gerhard Mayer


Sol LeWitt / Gerhard Mayer / Marietta Hoferer / Marco Maggi / Jim Campbell / Wendy Hough.


Sol LeWitt made his first wall drawing in 1968. In doing so, he asserted that the art object he was creating could be executed on any wall and that the artwork would change in each venue where it was recreated. By acknowledging that the wall was integral to the drawing itself, LeWitt changed forever the relationship of artworks to the spaces in which they are installed. Furthermore, he firmly ascertained the radical premise that art could be executed by someone other than the artist himself. These revolutionary answers to the basic sticking points of the (im)permanence, marketability and transferability of paintings on walls opened up tremendous possibilities for artists who have followed. This exhibition begins with two LeWitt wall pieces from the early 1970’s, made with graphite and black crayon, and explores different approaches to working directly on the walls of the gallery by five contemporary artists.


Gerhard Mayer, known for his small ink drawings, transforms one into a large-scale, commercially fabricated vinyl transfer applied directly to the wall. Marietta Hoferer will “draw” with tape. Marco Maggi’s piece deals, quite typically, with language as incomprehensible abundance of information – in this case, the language is Braille. Jim Campbell’s work represents moving imagery by casting light on a wall in the most minimal way. Wendy Hough will be be creating her chalk drawing during the opening reception and through the duration of the exhibition.

Installation Views