"We found a problem when we had a group show in the past. I showed a video of my movies in a gallery along with works by Anonymous and Anonymouse and people made the mistaken assumption that all the work was mine instead of a group show. It became clear that galleries, reviewers and others were claiming that all the works on display were by Bruce Conner. The other artists objected because that was not the deal at all. Our agreement said that these were anonymous artists and they would remain that way. The anonymous artists went on strike. 


"Emily Feather was previously an anonymous artist who had also withdrawn from exhbition any work for some time when the others went on strike or quit. She chose to use the pseudonym Emily Feather, expecting that the name change would defer that kind of response.


"She has an affinity for blue ink. Some of her drawings seem like the patterns of frost that appear during a cold winter night on a glass windowpane. I can discern her interest in Asian and Native American Indian art in the drawings."  Bruce Conner