ADAA The Art Show: William T. Wiley

Park Avenue Armory, 28 February - 4 March 2018 
Booth C8

For more than fifty years, William T. Wiley has combined language and image, non-hierarchically, to address the social, political, philosophical, and environmental issues of evolving Post-War America. His quirky visual vocabulary, combined with word play – running internal monologues, spiked with puns, double entendre, and malapropism – is an open-ended investigation into the moral conundrums of the global citizen.


For the 30th edition of The Art Show, Hosfelt Gallery focuses on Wiley’s proficiency in drawing. In works on paper and canvas from the 1960’s until now, the curated selection will reveal the lucidity, wit, and virtuosity of hand of one of the great poet-philosophers of our time and one of the most important voices of the Bay Area.