Trailblazing Latina Artists

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Artsy is launching a series of curated online group exhibitions that showcase the talent of female-identifying artists. 


Women artists have broadly been overlooked in art history, and Latina artists are no exception. While fighting against the realities of a male-dominated art world, Latina artists have also been ostracized due to their ethnicity, leading to fewer opportunities and a lack of representation. As of 2019, Latina artists represent less than one percent of the art being acquired by U.S. art institutions.


Female-identifying Latin American artists and their work have been consistently typecast and overshadowed. This context has often kept Latina artists from exploring their practices as individuals. While it would be impossible to encapsulate the full depth and variety of female Latin American artists’ practices, this presentation is focused on how they explore the nuances of womanhood.

March 12, 2021