Patricia Piccinini in Singapore

Patricia Piccinini: We are Connected offers visitors a fascinating and emotional journey through an extraordinary universe of beautifully bizarre hybrids and strange new beings.  Her hyperrealistic sculptures, in the form of mechanised animals, mutated human beings and unknown and uncanny creatures, celebrate a world filled with wonder and difference.

Piccinini works at the frontier of art, science and technology – a place where science-fiction, the surreal, feminism and environmentalism intersect. She challenges us to consider what it means to exist in a world that teems with different kinds of life – a multi-species world she has founded based on care, empathy and a naturing instinct.


Through sculpture, installation, collage and video, Piccinini urges us to reflect on the technological age we live in and to explore our relationships with other species and ecosystems. With this exhibition she issues a call to humankind for greater introspection, kindness, human responsibility and acceptance.


An ArtScience Museum production in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Exchange and the artist, Patricia Piccinini.

September 1, 2022