SFMOMA: Surabhi Saraf

Surabhi Saraf and Laura Hyunjhee Kim of the Centre for Emotional Materiality (CEM) invite you to a multisensorial experience, “Beyond All Polarities, We Are _____.”


“Feeling-through-sensing into your body, we invite you to slow down. Make your emotions tangible into a blobby sense of interbeing. In this feelosophical journey, we will melt into a vibrant portrait of togetherness. We explore our collective identities as peoples living in uncertain times. We ask ‘who we are’ beyond what we (dis)like, beyond categories of on/offline affinities, and beyond our fears and anxieties.”


Centre for Emotional Materiality (CEM) is a collective of multidisciplinary artists and researchers who examine the algorithmic conditioning of emotions and its effects on our bodies and beliefs. We devise strategies in the form of workshops, study circles, toolkits, rituals for holistic thinking, feeling, and acting in the digital era. CEM embraces the Blob and its fluid potential as an organizing principle. We morph, shift, and adopt as needed. CEM is organized by Surabhi Saraf, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Caroline Sinders, Marcus Fleming, and Mariah Hill. For more information, click here.


Part of the series: First Thursdays. Reserving First Thursday tickets is highly encouraged for Bay Area residents. For non-Bay Area residents, this event is free with museum admission. Tickets go online two weeks in advance, click here.

July 7, 2022