21 April - 11 June 2005

Unknown Knowns

In her new work, Reed Danziger creates visual playgrounds of oil, pencil, pigment and shellac. Detailed mandala patterns frolic amidst draping threads of color. Lacy webs of circlets traverse organic and floral structures. Rosary-like chains navigate double helices and cellular bursts. The building blocks of her work individually imply modes of information storage and relay, be it religious, biological or otherwise. Each object is consciously arranged around and according to every other. Together, these elements fashion an ether of relation where one can come to know (or unknow) the world and its epistemic systems. Her work's ability to stunningly materialize the uncharted interconnectedness of things brings to mind real world metaphors found in such realms as the World Wide Web, Venn diagrams and database design. review