Thursday 19 January, 5 - 7pm

Julie Chang
Collaborative Performance with Julie Chang and Bellwether Dance Project

Bellwether Dance Project will perform excerpts from Thighs and Wages, woven within Julie Chang's wall and floor installation.

Space is limited - RSVP to

As artistic director of Bellwether Dance Project, Amy Foley collaborates with dancers and other admired artists to delve into the myriad ways in which individuals make meaning. Exploring unsettling human experiences, ranging from the deeply personal to the laughably universal, Bellwether Dance Project examines the ways humans experience and translate the events of our inner and our outer lives.

Thighs and Wages addresses the experience of being a woman in our world. The piece comments on the ways in which women are placed under a scrutiny that is ceaseless and exhausting, training girls and women in self-doubt and altering their access to the world.