The world I create exists somewhere between the one we know and one that is almost upon us. However, what I imagine is neither the nightmare future environmental ruin nor the brave new world of perfect scientific progress. Instead I focus on the internal, emotional lives of the new creatures that might emerge, along with questions about the kinds of relationships that might come to light along side them. My creatures, while strange and unsettling, are not threatening. Instead, it is their vulnerability that often most comes to the fore. They plead with us to look beyond their unfamiliarity, and ask us to accept them. It is surprising how quickly we grow used to them, which reminds us that this sort of thing is not as far in the future as we might think. We are surrounded by hidden genetic engineering and biotechnology in our food and our animals already. -Patricia Piccinini

The Naturalist, 2017

Teenage Metamorphosis, 2017

The Lovers, 2011

The Comforter, 2013

Trident, 2007

Friends, 2015

Embryo, 2016

The Rookie, 2015

The Dancer, 2016

Metaflora (Twin Rivers Mouth), 2015

Crimson Flux, 2013

Meditations on the continuity of vitality (Symbiotic parasite), 2014

The Osculating Curve, 2016

Hornet, 2007

Boot Flower, 2015