Using frost, foam, food, glitter, viscous liquids and molten metal, German artist Luka Fineisen presents ambitious sculptural works that explore moments of becoming.


"Phase transitions" is a term used in thermodynamics to describe the shifts between solid, liquid and gaseous states of matter. At a literal level, this is what Fineisen represents in her work - tipping points - the transitional moments when a substance changes from one condition to another. While playing with formal sculptural concerns of modernism and post-minimalism, she explores movement, evanescence and potential.


The work is dichotomous - scientific but sensuous, liquid and solid, monumental and fragile, simultaneously in the process of being created and destroyed. Fineisen is unafraid of creating something delightful, but fascinated by the moment when that allure becomes unnerving. When sensuality becomes dangerous. When attraction turns to repulsion. Fineisen shows us the exact moment when she loses control over her creation and the coinciding love and fear of that instant.

Alleviation, 2015

Software, 2015

Possibility, 2015

Problem, 2015

Honeymoon, 2015

Fluid, 2015

Luge, 2015

Organic Matter II, 2010

Phase Transitions, 2012

House (1), 2012

Bubbles, 2012

Melange I, 2010

Enough for All (detail), 2012

Many-Particle System II, 2012

Frost (detail), 2012