Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Schoultz became a professional skateboarder before moving to San Francisco in 1998, where the vocabulary of his outdoor murals - wooden war horses, limb-less trees, erupting volcanoes, tornadoes, clouds of flying arrows - has become an important part of the urban fabric in the Mission District and beyond. This vocabulary extends to paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations that have been featured in exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States.


Schoultz utilizes a signature style of densely-packed, meticulously-rendered motifs - archaic war machines, the iconography of the American Dollar bill, and cataclysmic events, both natural and man-made - to represent the turmoil of the contemporary world. He makes historic references to antique etchings and Persian miniature painting as well as to William T. Wiley, M. C. Escher and Mission School street art. But Schoultz's art is very much his own - an intense vision of a planet threatened by overcrowding and overconsumption and societies under siege by the governments that are there to protect them.

Gold Flag, 2011

Falling Structure (Beast), 2014

Exploding Eye (Broken Pattern), 2014

Oh the Pain, 2014

Shattered Slab, 2014

Flag Ship (Blown Sails), 2014

Shattered Map (Broken Strategy), 2014

The Sacred Tree of No Where, 2013

Shattered Vessel (Orange), 2014

Exploding Eye (Blown to Bits), 2014

Blown to Bits (Exploding Wall), 2010

Imperials, 2014

Beast in Babylon, 2014